Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Broke and Horny:a documentary on how 20-somethings suffer for Jesus

Well I received the tape from last Wednesday night in the mail today, and listened to it tonight. I want to first express my appreciation to my heterosexual soul mate, Big Sexy Wilkins, for taking the time to make it possible for me to hear last weeks meeting. Moving on, what I got from the tape: Old Shannon is broke and horny, Mary Beth is broke and bored (but I'm not sure if she's horny or not), and Achilles and Big Sexy usually stay out past their bed times (unlike their 23 and in Achilles case 47 year old counterparts, who are all wussies). The idea for the group and what it entails is exciting. I am very curious, however, to see how different people's personalities and ideas on spirituality will match up. When your younger and less mature, it's easier to challenge people and allow yourself to be challenged. I think that it stems from the youthful ideology that Marty was refering to. But as you get older, you do start to get more cynical and kind of stuck in your ways. It will be interesting to see if a bunch of independently minded 20-somethings can TRULY open themselves up, such as they did when they were more innocent during their youth group days. I am saddened that I will not be able to join you guys, but I can be there in spirit (my spirit sounds like the noise a tape recorder makes while it is recording). I would appreciate it, however, if you will post on the blog what ya'll talked about and your thoughts on it. Thanks. - Super Dave


At 15:32, Blogger doggus said...

Hey Dave! Yea, it was totally funny last week and I am anxiouos to see how it goes tonight and who all shows up. Wish you could be here to join in our time of fun and growth, hopefully the recordings will keep coming. Take care and we'll be thinking about you!....Angie


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