Thursday, June 03, 2004


Hey guys! I have to say that I am super excited about this group that we will be starting. I think we all need to be spiritually fed. I hope that we can all grow as friends in Christ! Can't wait till next Wednesday! Evan and I are heading out on the road tommorow to Texas (yes he did just get back from there). We will be gone all weekend for his friend's graduation party. Keep us in your prayers that we have a safe trip. .....Angie
P.S- Thanks for taking the link off the list, but there is still a link where ya'll posted it that needs to come off as well or there is no point. Like you said in response to Jason, anyone can get on this blog, including youth and their parents. Obviously there are things that do not need to be on this page and I would think that would be one of them. I appreciate it thanks!


At 16:44, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what is it that needs to be done still? i removed the page... sorry, i just didn't understand what you were saying...


At 16:55, Blogger doggus said...

If you're in Texas, why don't you come visit me. :-) SD

At 23:33, Blogger doggus said...

what happens next wednesday. i missed the meeting.--t.rock

At 20:43, Blogger BigSexy said...

We will be meeting at Jay's house at 8:00pm. Be ready for a riveting conversation.


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