Monday, June 07, 2004

This is my first official blog!

So, I have been a slacker. I have not posted yet due to the fact that I wanted to post Chad's birthday video on the blog (still not sure how to do that, so...Josh??). Started summer school today and I have a paper due tomorrow. Yea! But even better I get to be at Mac Shack at 7:30 in the am. Apparently, we are retraining. I don't function that early in the morning. That may be because I too am still on the stay-up-til-4am schedule.
Muy excited that K. Binks has joined the ranks of the elite. I think that he was ok with the name after I called him that once. He decided it wasn't that bad. Only Joking Kevin. I am still laughing at the squirrel picture. Even though I am the biggest (maybe inappropriate wording) advocate against the nickname. Nonetheless, I do solemnly swear that I will do everything in my power and Josh's to post the b-day video.


At 20:40, Blogger BigSexy said...

Dear Booty,
I'm glad to see you have finally joined it with the party also. I would seriously consider dropping any class where a paper is due the second day of class, I mean honestly. Of course if all you have to do is like write your name down and a couple of sentences about your self that's ok. But I get the feeling since your not in 4th grade, it's probably not that. Anyways, it really sucks having to wake up that early huh? I miss jobs where(?) I got to go in at like 11am or so. Why is it that the easiest words always seem so hard to spell, you end up looking at it for like 4.4 minutes and think of every possible way to spell it. Sorry I got off on a tangent. I hope you have a wonderful week and I will see you next weekend, I guess.

At 23:24, Blogger Laura said...

or today...


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