Tuesday, July 06, 2004


Josh, I was just wondering if you could tell me how selling your Dad's car on ebay worked out and if you have any tips for selling on ebaymotors.com. My stepdad's thinking about listing his car on their website.

I hope everyone had a Happy Fourth. It was good to see everyone last night and especially good to play a game of Nerts. (I've never actually written that word) Thanks to Jay and Missy for their hospitality.



At 08:36, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well... my dad ended up listing it 3 times before it sold. he didn't end up selling it to a winner of an auction though.. it ended up just being a source of advertisement. anyone serious about buying it just emailed him and aranged a phone conversation or a meeting. but understand this is a difficult car to sell, especially when you are specific about how much you want.

overall, i think i would suggest doing it, specially if it's a more common car. it costs $40 to list a car on ebaymotors.com. you can also try autotrader.com and cars.com.

as far as tips.. hmmm...
well, people take the auction much more seriously if you have a well designed, appealing page to look at; with good wording, and thorough information. as far as the appealing part goes, i have some templates i use when i sell on ebay if you would like to use them (it's basically designing a web site).

let me know if you need more info, yo... see ya tonight..

At 08:37, Blogger Neo said...

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At 10:24, Blogger Casey said...

Thanks, Josh.


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