Monday, August 30, 2004


Today for the first time in two years my store hit quota. It feels great. My team at work has worked really hard on straightening the store and servicing our customers, so it feels good to finally hit the mark set for you. Not to mention I've only been the manager for three months and we have hit quota, so that looks good for me. I know this isn't really that interesting, but I just wanted to share some good news. I hope that everybody is doing well with school or work or school and work for some of you. Anyways I'm looking forward to that next pay check with a bonus in it. Hopefully I'll be seeing some more of those. Bye!


At 21:09, Blogger Super Dave said...

Congratulations on making quota.

At 08:46, Blogger Turkey Nutts said...

Yea!!!! Congratulations!!!! I give you the Manager Of The Year award. It really is amazing the changes you have brought to that store is such little time. I am very proud! I know that you have worked your butt off the past three months, so you deserve that bonus.

At 09:34, Blogger mexican said...

i am happy for you my very big and very sexy what will you do with your bonus?

At 20:07, Blogger BigSexy said...

I will pay bills.


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