Saturday, September 04, 2004

Saturday in Death Valley

The true day has arrived my beloved LSU Fighting Tigers take the field today at 5pm. Everybody is awake thank you Chad, thats what they are all saying as I blare LSU music at 6:30am. Tigers whoop ass tonight.. I'm saying by 18 over the Beavers... Off to campus to check out Gameday, Dave don't be so jealous....-C-Had


At 21:08, Blogger Laura said...

Cannot say that it was by 18 over...more like one over, but sweet as nectar. Go Tigers! Ain't nothin' like Saturday Night in Tiger Stadium.

At 22:48, Blogger mexican said...

i will now have life long scares on my heart from the multiple heart attacks i had tonight at the game. awsome game nothing like a game at death valley.
geaux tigers


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