Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Congrats Boston!!

Yeah for Boston!! The dreaded curse has finally been lifted and after 86 years of complaining and getting beat by the Yankees they have won the world series. What will the people of the New England area complain about now. They weren't happy with their Patriots winning two of the past three super bowls, all they did was cry about their beloved Red Sox. Maybe the Red Sox nation will actually forgive Bill Buckner for letting that ground ball go through his legs back in '86. But for some reason I don't believe they will forgive him either. I think next year when they suck again everybody will start crying again. /C-had


At 20:43, Blogger Super Dave said...

You beat me to it! You're a quick one, Big Sexy! Congrats Sox!

At 22:25, Blogger T.Rock said...

you beat me to it as well. however, boston is a baseball town and despite the success of the Pats, boston has but one undying love. success will take a long time to set in and it may fuel higher expectations, but this moment is unbelievable.

they beat the hated Yanks in a way that was epic, and continued on to the World Series to SWEEP the best team in baseball all year long, the Cardnals. furthermore, boston never trailed in the series. only three teams in 100 years have won the series without ever trailing in any game at any point. Schilling had two unbelievable preformances in this post-season and his place in history, which was established long before this season, was raised to an even higher level. he is among the great competitors of all times.

so finally. the ghost of the babe is dead. i can exhale just as all fans of the SOX are breathing easier that the curse did not bite them again. it took me until after the last out to admit that this was possible. that the SOX were going to be, or by that time were, champs. this one is for buckner who now is off the hook. it's for nomar who built this team only to get traded away on the brink of greatness. for ted williams, who despite being the greatest hitter the game has ever seen, could never carry a team all 162+ to win a title. how unfortunate that he passed before his team succeeded. for all lifelong fans that loved their team above and despite the odds and never saw the success that we witnessed tonight. i am blessed that as a baby Sox fan, comparitively, i have witnessed a turn in one of the greatest francises of all times. this team, if they can keep it together can build dominance that will make the Yanks cringe.

was it not eerie that the moon disappeared tonight only to reappear red in a dark navy sky? it was a fittingly symbolic moment of how God loves the Red Sox and is happy to see them reborn. (okay i may have gone over the top on that last part.)

At 06:12, Blogger BigSexy said...

now t-rock, you know that God doesn't care about the Red Sox. You and I both now God bleeds purple and gold and well jesus he bleeds red. but thats another story for easter time. Geaux Tigahs!!!!

At 10:54, Blogger Super Dave said...

God may very well bleed purple and gold, but the gates of Heaven are lined with flags that have ATM on them!

At 13:23, Blogger Neo said...

you are all pathetic

At 14:26, Anonymous Anonymous said...



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