Thursday, February 03, 2005

Sharing Knowledge

So, I believe it was Thomas's idea for me to give a brief explanation/lesson on something computer related each week; sort of like our now deceased "joke of the week" -- I'll leave it to someone else to formulate a cute name for this... So, to start, I thought I would do something rather basic, but extremely helpful. Forgive me if you've already received the speech...

Why Internet Explorer is dangerous and why Mozilla Firefox is your daddy!! (To be followed up by a lesson on how open source software is taking over the world):

First, and foremost, it just makes me excited to see someone using something instead of something Bill Gates made, especially when they realize how much better it is and how much potential there is beyond his sucky software!!

So, most of you might think that I'm just a dork and a Microsoft hater (two very correct accusations), but now I've used the word "dangerous".. what a claim. Recent studies show that Mozilla Firefox is 12 times more secure than Internet Explorer. I will spare you the details of how and why this is true. If you want to reduce the chance of contracting spyware and viruses, ditch IE now!!!

Firefox also functions much more quickly in most situations (the exception being Windows 2000 -- I have other suggestions for Win2k).

Without getting too deep into the open source concept for now, hundreds of "extensions" are written by people all over the world to increase the usability and features of the Firefox browser. However, without extensions at all, Firefox has so many more features than IE out of the box.

Try it out.. I promise you'll love it!! If you need help or want suggestions on customizing it, let me know!

Get Firefox
Get Firefox Extensions
Get Firefox Themes (Customize the look of your Firefox browser)
Get Thunderbird (Mozilla Thunderbird is the Firefox of email clients; ditch Outlook!!)

*NOTE: When you try to access a plugin-dependent site (ie, Macromedia Flash, Windows Media, Quicktime) Firefox will prompt you to install the appropriate plugin.

“Beware of spyware. If you can, use the Firefox browser.” - USA Today
“Better than Internet Explorer by leaps and bounds.” - FORBES

Until Next Time,


At 07:03, Blogger jenny said...

I definitely like this idea for you doing this on a regular basis. Maybe the 'joke of the week' will have a resurrection soon.

At 10:50, Blogger Turkey Nutts said...

nice informative post. i look forward to the future computer help/suggestions to be posted.


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