Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday David!
I hope that you
have a wonderful day my friend.
Also Happy Texas Independence Day to those of you from Texas.
One last one that I know of
Happy 10th birfday to Yahoo!


At 23:19, Blogger Neo said...

can't you find a better cake? that is horrible!!

happy birfday superdave!

At 05:41, Blogger BigSexy said...

not really, there weren't too many

At 20:33, Blogger Turkey Nutts said...

Happy Birthday Dave! Sorry we can't be there with you for your special day, but just know that you are missed loved much.
Also, Happy Birthday Texas!!! There has and never will be a better state.

At 20:58, Blogger Gina Marie said...

josh.. i am still waiting for the member's only pic????

At 21:12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday David! I knew there was a reason March 2nd sounded important... Texas Independence Day! Seriously, I wish you a great day (what is left of it!). Evan and Jason were trying to help me with a blogger name tonight, but I refuse to sign on as the "Braless Wonder." Until then, I guess I will have to be anonymous! Love, Stephanie

At 22:21, Blogger Super Dave said...

Thanks for the kind words guys and gals. "Braless Wonder", now that is a good nickname. Stephanie, I'd be careful being the anon, if you forget to write your name, you're likely to get shot around these parts. It's a rough neighborhood.

At 17:14, Blogger BigSexy said...

I vote braless wonder!


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