Thursday, March 10, 2005

Last night I lost my HOB virginity

There is no word in the English language to describe what I experienced last night, so I will make one up right now...Scrumtrulescent.
I am almost ashamed to admit that even though I have lived here 1 3/4 years I had not been to the House of Blues until last night. But boy was it worth the wait. Dan The Man Szpak (no clue how to spell his last name) hooked Chad, Jason, Marty and I up with the VIP treatment for an awesome concert put on by Cross Canadian Ragweed. We got to hang out in the Foundation Room before the concert and let me tell you, that place is some kind of sweet. I only wish that I could hang out somewhere like that every weekend. It was indescribable. When it was time for the concert we got to go and sit in the reserved seating on the side of the balcony. INCREDIBLE SEATS! From what I hear there is not a bad place to stand for a concert in the House of Blues, but reserved seating!? Honestly, you can't get any better. All that, plus the band completely rocked. They are one of my favorite bands and I have seen them several times in concert, but this was by far the best. After being so spoiled, I don't know if I can ever return to the HOB with just a regular general admission ticket.
Man I love my life.


At 23:22, Blogger Turkey Nutts said...

Also...I know that my music selection is, for the most part, not very highly respected by many of you. But please trust me when I say Cross Canadian Ragweed is a great band. They are generally classified under the genre of Country, but I would more specifically tag them as Outlaw Country (like Waylon Jennings back in the day). All I can say is download one or two of their songs and see what you think before completly writing them off (coughJoshcough). Here are a few of my favorites...

42 Miles
Sick and Tired
Lonely Girl

At 21:49, Blogger Laura said...

Try 22+ years. I have never been to the house of blues ever. I should be shot for that.

At 10:04, Blogger BigSexy said...

I'll take you whenever you are ready Laura. You got to go. I rank it the best place to see a concert in New Orleans. Probably one of the best in the nation.

At 09:23, Blogger T.Rock said...

urgent message for all who are interested.

i can not create the tournament challenge for the ncaa's, but i would love to participate. lets get that working asap and let me know, because i only get to check email once a day generally.


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