Monday, March 07, 2005

Stealing Neo's idea, but switching subjects...

What would be your top 5 movies of all time? It can be from any time period, but try to keep it to five, and actually rank them.


At 20:51, Blogger Super Dave said...

It's tough to narrow it down to 5, but mine are...

1. Braveheart
2. The Godfather Trilogy
3. The Last Samauri
4. Legends of the Fall
5. The Notebook (I know I'm going to get piled on for this one, but what can I say, I like period films and I'm a hopless romantic. Plus, the movie was excellent.)

At 00:37, Blogger Super Dave said...

Laura and Neo, before you say anything, yes, I realize that I said to only list five, and then I put seven (three movies ranked second). But come on, how could you rank one Godfather over would be like deciding which was your favorite child! So, I'll allow trilogies to count as one.

At 00:43, Blogger Laura said...

I love how the godfather trilogy is your baby.

At 00:43, Blogger Laura said...

I love how the godfather trilogy is your baby.

At 00:45, Blogger Laura said...

I love how the godfather trilogy is your baby.

At 05:26, Blogger BigSexy said...

we get the point

At 08:57, Blogger Neo said...

So; Is this "baby" the one that you fathered via nikki?

At 14:56, Blogger BigSexy said...

It took me some time to figure out how I wanted to put my movies in order. But since I spent the day at home sick, I had some spare time. So here we go:
1. The Godfather trilogy
2. Forrest Gump
3. Saving Private Ryan
4. Scarface
5. Blazing Saddles

I too will rank the Godfather trilogy as one. I figure if David can break his own rules as can I.

At 16:56, Blogger Super Dave said...

Come on Laura and Neo, get with it, what are your favorite movies? Don't just comment about what I put, let's see your list of movies.

At 21:45, Blogger Laura said...

I didn't mean to post that many times, I don't remember doing that so sorry. Mine are going to be made fun of.

At 22:16, Blogger Super Dave said...

Ah, come on Laura, no one is going to make fun.

At 18:39, Blogger mexican said...

oK. here is mine.

1. the godfather trilogy
2. ferris buler's day off
3. the hunt for red october
4. happy gilmore
5. the gladiator

At 09:28, Blogger T.Rock said...

i guess my first attempt did not post. this blog is hugh and takes me forever to log in and post on, and then know i've posted on it.

i put a lot of though into this and i still can not narrow it down to a top five.

1. the usual suspects
2. braveheart
3. memento
4. a river runs through it
5. godfather 1

i picked only part one, because of sonny and because the don is the don.

as for the others i need to fit somewhere, they are the last samuri, gladiator, high fidelity, shawshank redemption, good will hunting, and the matrix (there is only one)

At 01:02, Blogger Texas Thomas said...

Hey Louisianians,
I don't think thats the right word but it's close. I don't normally get in on these things but I'm writing a paper thats due in the morinig and it's 3:00 AM. I was just catching up on whats been going on here and I thought this one was interesting. I like all of the movies listed so far. Very eclectic mix. But I do believe my #1 movie needs a mention.

1. Vanilla Sky
2. Goodwill Hunting
3. Top Gun
4. Braveheart
5. Donnie Darko

I know Chad will probably rip my list to shreds but I think that Vanilla Sky was an amazing film. Matt Damon great actor, check out his appearance in Team America. I don't know how Top Gun didn't make any lists. I know my boy EAM would've had it on his if he made a list. And finally Donnie Darko. I don't know if anyone has seen this movie or not. It was never really that big. Definitley one to check out.


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