Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A Fond Farewell....

I am so over this whole blog thing. I am very unsure as to why. Maybe it is the quick downward trend the previosly clever banter has taken, or maybe it is just where I am at in life. Whatever the reason, I think it is time that I say goodbye to all our company... N-I-K...Katch ya later! ... K-and-I... why? because I want to....
Okay so enough with the Mickey Mouse Club!
Just thought you all would like to see the Pteradactyle wings one last time. I hope you are all doing well. And to my fellow Ladies of Doggus... stand strong on your pursuit for Female Doggus rights! I give you my best.
And to my dearest Loverboy... you better sleep with one eye open... you too Super Dave. I'll send Melissa out to get you!
And to BigSexy, yes I will have that whiskey sour right up ;)

Don't try to understand why I must go. I hope only that you can all happily move forward with your lives and that you will all find just what it is that you seek.

Any hate mail can be addressed to P.O. Box 17959 Baton Rouge, LA 70893.

And one last time I must say ... That's hot!


At 23:19, Blogger Neo said...


At 07:54, Blogger T.Rock said...

where are you going? i must have missed something. is she still mad? that does not make sense.

At 08:38, Blogger jenny said...

NO NIKKI! Don't do it!!!

At 20:25, Blogger BigSexy said...

oh no where are you going, what will we do. I don't know if my life can go on. now thats hot.


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