Monday, May 09, 2005

Now that's gonna leave a mark...

couch racing


At 08:24, Blogger T.Rock said...

okay i tried, but i could not watch the video from this computer. however, it does remind me of my best creative name for a band ever: chest-full-a-couch
(that's too long a story to tell now, but i think its funny so i'm laughing.)

and david, i still have the beard, but i shaved the mustash and neck. i'll send a picture for my blog sometime this week, but i could not stand the hairy neck situation (another good band name), and the mustash was guarding my mouth too well that food was not getting in. the beard hair is probably about an inch or so long now, so maybe by the time i shave it we can transplant it to the mexican's and darrell's heads. although it would match better with andrew's need for red.

by the way, how much do you weight in kilos? i bet i got you by at least five.

At 11:29, Blogger BigSexy said...

most likely ten its always 10 regardless of which measurement you use

At 00:18, Blogger Laura said...

yeah but how many stones do you weigh? That is the burning question.


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