Thursday, June 30, 2005

Travel plans

As fun as the 'dueling governators' can be, ;) wanted to follow up on something we posted in the comments...

My friends from college and I always have a "who is going to be where, when, over the summer" talk or emails so I thought maybe we could do that here. I know everyone else probably knows each others' schedules, but at least do this for my benefit since I'm not in New Orleans normally! This probably would have been a good idea to talk about Before, say, July, but, um, yeah...

So, I'll go first... I am living in Los Angeles until either August or December (or longer, depends on the whole job thing...hmm maybe I should get off the beach and start looking for employment soon ;) .) But I will be in New Orleans for like 2 days in mid-July, then back for a few days after Aug 6 when I get back from London/Paris. Sooo....if anyone is in town and/or going to New Orleans then, let me know!

As far as international stuff I told Josh, I'll be in London Jul 18-Aug 6 and Paris Jul 29-31. Then I'll *possibly* be in Vancouver for like Aug 12-18 depending on some I know random long shot but if anyone is in or near those places then, let me know! It's always way fun meeting up in new places.

Ok...y'alls turn! Even if you're staying in town, maybe put that on here so that others who are in town or visiting will know!

Happy traveling!


At 20:10, Blogger Gina Marie said...

well i will be in good ol' folsom all summer b/c i am in summer school (yuck!) but call me when you come into new orleans.. it would be great to see you...and i don't need that big of an excuse to drive to new orleans.. my cell is 985-630-1844

At 13:33, Blogger mexican said...

well lets see... atlanta next weekend with evan and our small group guys then the weekend after west palm beach
to see dave matthews band and marc broussard followed by big stuff camp for a week. wow i dont tink i will be around much in july.

At 13:15, Blogger Laura said...

I am in EUROPE!! I think you people forgot about me...except for you super dave. ThereĀ“s a link on the site here to my blog. But I will also be all around europe starting now. T and jenny will be with me. Kim I will also be in london right before the 20th. I fly out then. Contact me to know more. TO the rest of you. I could get gifts. I would love to...if I thought you still loved me. Kidding. XXXX

At 09:45, Blogger Neo said...

well.. i'm in saville, spain at the moment. my plans for the rest of the summer are uncertain at the moment. france, then the netherlands, then germany, then rome, then back to london. i'm not sure about dates yet, other than rome on 2 august, and back to london before 11 august when i fly out. i'll let you guys know if it might be possible to meet up. that would be cool.

anyway. i'm not doing a blog, but we are posting pictures as we go.

thos are of london, gibraltar, and tarifa spain so far. i'll keep updating.. enjoy

At 20:26, Blogger Kim said...

So just to update....The London program I'm going to is still going on in spite of the horrible attacks today. We will NOT let the bad guys win. London is still the best freakin city in the world.

As far as meeting up--Josh it seems like we will just miss each other in the UK, aww. Laura hopefully we will be able to meet up, don't know if your travel plans have changed, but let me know!

Stay safe everyone, K


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