Friday, June 17, 2005


Just letting everyone know that me and Jordan got to London around midnight your time last night. Now, after forcing ourselves to stay away as long as possible, we must sleep; but I wanted to let you guys know we are here, and I'll post some pictures or something. see everyone in a couple of months... later kids.. josh


At 19:32, Blogger Turkey Nutts said...

Glad you made it safely. Hope you and Jordan have a good time together. You will be missed while you are gone.

P.S. Honestly, how many more of our friends are going to spend an extended time in Europe? This is ricockulous. I feel like I missed a memo saying, "All of America is going to face horrible torture and die during the last weeks of July. Everyone who is important please exit to Europe. Oh, and don't tell anyone."
At least I'll see Jesus before you. :)

At 06:42, Blogger Gina Marie said...

i missed the memo too!

P.S. I laughed out loud reading your P.S. You are hiliarious!

At 13:29, Blogger Neo said...

hahah.. amazing!! thanks evan! i'll miss you too bud..

At 23:56, Blogger Kim said...

Josh where in in London are you staying and for how long? Also if anyone (Josh and/or others!) is going to be in London or thereabouts anytime during July 17-Aug 6, I'll be in London during that time and Paris during the weekend of July 29 if anyone wants to meet up! Let me know! -Kim

At 05:51, Blogger Neo said...

haha.. maybe evan is right... i'll let you know kim.. what's your email?

At 09:55, Blogger Kim said...

Use the one that's my "contact email" under my Pepperdine acct on thefacebook. Would be cool if we got to meet up! Cheerio!!
K :)


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