Thursday, July 07, 2005

Keeping our traveling friends in our thoughts...

I hope that with everything that is going on, that all of our friends in Europe are safe. None of our friends were in London today when the bombings took place, right? Are any of them about to go to London? Last I heard, people were in Spain or France or Switzerland or something. Well, if any of ya'll do go to Paris, be sure to go see the eiffel tower, I hear it's quite a site to see. Hope everything is going well, I think we'll all sleep better when everyone returns from abroad.


At 13:18, Blogger Neo said...

the only person i know in london, is ryan mahoney.. and he didnĀ“t go till the day after the attacks.

glad everyone is ok... hope to see some of you soon.

At 15:25, Blogger T.Rock said...

hey i saw ryan today. it was a great coincidence and that means that laura, jenny and i have made it to the last few days of our trip see you soon.


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