Sunday, July 31, 2005

What's your life expectancy?

This one says I'll live 'till 80

This one says I'll live 'till 79

I wouldn't loan me any money after my 78th birthday if I was you.


At 23:15, Blogger Super Dave said...

I can't believe that nobody has commented on this post. Come on F'ers, I want to know how long I can expect ya'll to be around!

At 12:52, Blogger jenny said...

Ok, ok, Dave!!! These tests say I will live to be 102 and 97, respectively. Guess I better start a 401k or whatever since social security sure ain't gonna be around till then.

At 04:13, Blogger BigSexy said...

As I've always said I'll be tapping out fairly early one gave me to 55 and the second gave me to 63. We'll take the median of the two which should put me at 59. Which is what I've always thought, that I wouldn't live to see 60. Looks like everything is right on schedule. Oh yeah dave just curious how did you answer the questions about your personality did you say you were easy going or aggressive?

At 14:23, Blogger Morgan said... said 61....i better get to doing something. i only did one of them, i figured they would be close anyway.

At 21:24, Blogger Super Dave said...

Big Sexy, that's funny that you asked that, because I was thinking of you when I read that. That question was a tough one for me to answer, as I'm sure it was tough for you as well. I thought about it for awhile and finally went with easy going. Though I can be aggressive in certain ways, it's usually not anything that would cause me stress. I have an aggressive personality, but it's not so much aggression when it comes to my emotions, which is what I think the test is trying to gauge. If you are angry pretty often, where it would cause you stress or an ulcer or something, then I think you would need to put that you were aggressive. For me, my aggressiveness is usually expressed in a debate or something. But even though I might be acting very aggressive and might seem angry, I'm actually not at all, it's just simply my personality at work. Take for example when I argue with Jeff about politics...because we both have aggressive personalities, everyone always thinks we're mad at each other, when we're actually not at all - we're just having a heated debate. So, to sum it up, the aggressive side of my personality doesn't cause me any stress, cause if I was actually mad at someone about something, I would talk to them about it to resolve it. What about you, what did you put and what were your reasons for answering that way?

At 21:46, Blogger Laura said...

The first one said I'd be 102. The second said 98. That's a good four year difference. I Don't know about that. I do know that I liked the butthead picture at the agressive/relaxed question.

At 21:26, Blogger Gina Marie said...

i got 75 on the first one and 79 on the second one


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